Para @oceandrivevzla edición aniversario, uno de los regalos que me dejó el 2020. #Portada

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Feliz inicio de semana, no olviden que al que madruga…. Yo aquí aprovechando de este clima sabrosooo. #oscardeleon #elsonerodelmundo #lunes #iniciodesemana #sabrosooo #como #sopla #monday #morning

I didn’t want nothing but just to let u know I love ya and thinking of ya and always working for ya ! #teamjhud


30 aniversario de Bachata Rosa.



This is how I spent my birthday. Shooting our @brothersbondbourbon campaign with @paulwesley and @deanbradshaw . No filters. Just the natural beauty of light and nature. 42 years old…Wow how does that happen? The Answer: FAST.

You know, there isn’t a single second that goes by I don’t cherish. I learned that young but especially getting into your 40s you realize how precious literally every second on this Earth is. We busted our asses on December 8th, getting the 1st shot off at 7AM Freezing our asses off. With the beautiful and grueling camera work of Dean (no assistant due to COVID safety), the incredible design eye/genius of @genasigala and the incredible beauty of @applecreekranch we have images and a “feeling” that @paulwesley and I could have only dreamed about. Brother Todd, thank you for finding this space for us to immerse ourselves in the purity of nature, friendship and art. Sometimes a few rays of sun, mountains and an old @chevrolet is all you need.

The Best birthday presents are just being healthy, surrounded by love and able to be a part of this global community with you all. The thought that you have propelled @brothersbondbourbon to shatter sales records makes me giddy, so appreciative and drives me to work even harder than ever to bring you amazing times ahead. I’m so thankful for the outpouring of birthday love. It means the world. It’s been a hard year for everyone and I feel you. Let’s get through this together with…
Community. Experience. Fun. Bond.

Photos by: @deanbradshaw
Design by: @genasigala
Styling by: @lindseydupuis Location: @applecreekranch
Bourbon by: nature, @paulwesley @iansomerhalder and @brothersbondbourbon
Cheers 🥃


catch me if you can


En estos tiempos, nos ha tocado aprender a adaptarnos para no perder el contacto.
Espero que el próximo año tengamos la oportunidad de encontrarnos y abrazarnos nuevamente.
Desde aquí les deseo ¡Feliz semana!
#Caminalo #DeNavidadConGilberto #Colegas

Lunes amado de mi vida, tú a mi no me asustas, nooo mijito, tú a mi me encantas papito!!! UFF!! #voyquequemo🔥


¡Te invito una copa!🍾