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I hope you all enjoy Robert Zemeckis’s reimagining of #TheWitchesMovie, streaming on @HBOMax today!

Special thanks to everyone that made this happen:
Photographer: @gregwilliamsphotography
Dress: @ralphandrusso
Location: @harrods rooftop
Stylist: @rebeccacorbinmurray
Makeup: @sofiaschwarzkopftilbury
Hair: Paul Gooch


Jueves de recordar y acá una foto, cuando iniciaba mi carrera artística 🎤🎶♥

52 Days


It was Ryan’s first time. He was understandably scared. It all happened so fast. Like, REALLY fast. He wept. I pretended to weep. Then he called all his friend. #voteearly


Aunque no me estás pidiendo ningún consejo te quiero dar uno que te va a servir bastante:

• Para que te rinda el tiempo: escríbelo todo.
• Para ser más creativx: anótalo todo.
• Para tener orden: escríbelo todo.
• Para rendir en tus facetas: anótalo todo.
• Para hacer terapia: escríbelo todo.

Si es a mano, mejor ❤️.

A penas amanece, abro los ojos y me siento a escribir, llevo cuadernos y más cuadernos. Me ha funcionado bastante bien.

Advertencia: antes de escribir en twitter, haz terapia de escritura en un cuaderno 😄.

¿Me crees?


Así comienza mi fin de semana, mucho sol ☀️ corredera 🏃‍♂️ y actitud de Viernes 😎cuéntenme el de ustedes cómo comenzó7h

Me 🙂

#tbt2000s Los Angeles🌵🌵

I think I was 19 here. That would have been 2000… when I spent a lot more time in the gym 😂 It was also around the first time I voted. I just remember thinking voting was cool, and it all felt very… adult — I don’t think I really understood the weight of it all or took the time to learn what my choices in candidates really meant. ⠀

Now, I know how powerful each of our voices can be.  ⠀

If you’re voting for the first time, or you’re still not sure if you even wanna vote — because you think your voice won’t make an impact, or you don’t trust the process, or it all seems just like a headache… all I can say is, we really need you. ⠀

This is about our children growing up in a world where racism is condemned, not tolerated. It’s about ensuring that women are empowered everywhere decisions are being made. We have to vote so we don’t go backwards.   ⠀

All of this to say, I will be voting for @joebiden and @kamalaharris. I’m voting early, and by mail this year.  ⠀

Please make a plan, and #VOTE 🙏🏻 Link in my bio.